We’re committed to helping dogs across America live their best lives. 

The Reality of Dog Shelters

Unfortunately, many dogs struggle to feel at home in animal shelters.

They’re brought into that unnatural environment against their will, forced to live in cramped conditions, and are relegated to a life of uncertainty. As a result, they suffer from a slew of mental health conditions that negatively impact their quality of life.

The unfortunate truth is that many dogs in shelters are euthanized before they get a chance to be adopted by a loving family. Believe it or not, 1700 dogs and cats are killed in shelters across America every single day. It’s a tragedy of our shelter system and it rarely gets talked about in the media.

We believe that the shelter system can be reformed so that ZERO dogs are killed in shelters and we’re committed to doing everything we can to make that happen. 

Our Cause

At Shelter CBD, we’re not just focused on creating tasty and effective CBD treats to help alleviate common health ailments in dogs. We’re committed to leading by example and using our platform to help improve the lives of dogs across America.

We believe that no dog or cat should be forced to die in a shelter. It’s up to us all to come together and take a stand to ensure that all dogs are able to live healthy, vibrant lives. That’s why we’ve chosen to support BestFriends – a charity focused on building a better world where there are no more homeless pets.

We share their mission of having no dogs or cats killed in shelters by 2025. To support this initiative, we donate 5% of our sales to BestFriends to eradicate pet homelessness, support community programs, build strategic partnerships, and stop the needless killing of dogs in animal shelters.

When you purchase CBD dog treats from us, you’re also contributing toward a better future for dogs and cats across America. Every little bit counts and we’re committed to doing everything we can to support our animal friends.

Buy CBD For Your Dog And Help Dogs In Shelters!