How Long Do CBD Dog Treats Last?

How Long Do CBD Dog Treats Last?

Many of our customers ask us how long a single jar of pet treats will last their furry friend and the answer is that it totally depends. The main factors in determining how long CBD Dog treats last you are frequency (if you are giving your dog treats everyday or just occasionally) and the size of your dog (as dosage is dependent on your dog’s weight).

How long your CBD dog treats last depends on frequency

Whether your dog is suffering from anxiety or arthritis if you have noticed the CBD dog treats are effective for his condition it is likely that you would want to continue giving him CBD everyday. If you were to do this the CBD dog treats would last for a shorter duration than if you were to only give them to your dog at certain times. Some people reserve CBD for situations where they know their dog may be more anxious than usual, or perhaps when recovering from a surgery or other injury. If you were to just use CBD dog treats occasionally like that they would obviously last much longer.

How long CBD dog treats last also depends on the weight of your dog

Our research indicates that an effective dose for dogs is roughly 2mg per 25 pounds of weight each day. Shelter CBD Dog Treats have been specifically formulated to make giving your dog a 2mg dose very easy as each individual treat contains exactly 2mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. If your dog weighs more or less than 25 pounds you can easily adjust the dose by splitting the treat in two (if smaller than 25 pounds) or by giving them multiple treats (if they are larger than 25 pounds).

For example if your dog weighs 10-15 pound a good starting dose would be 1 mg, or half of a Shelter CBD dog treat. If you have a giant black lab like our mascot Buddha that weighs 100 pounds you can give them 4 treats a day. We have created the dosing guide below for your reference.



Please reach out with any further questions you may have about how long CBD dog treats last, or simply drop them in the comments below!