Find Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Dog Treats

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders above $40. Simply put, if you order more than 1 container of our CBD Dog Treats we will cover the shipping. 

How long will it take my order to arrive?

We ship most orders same day if received before 3PM PST. Otherwise they are shipped the next business day. Shipping is usually no longer than 5 business days.

Do you offer a satisfaction gaurantee?

We’re only happy if you are! We offer an unconditional 30 day return policy on all of our products if they don’t meet your highest expectations.

How much CBD should I give my dog?

The dosage you choose to give your pet is completely up to you, but we reccomend starting slow while observing the effects in your dogs. 

To start we recommend 1 treat (or 2 mg) per 25 lbs a day. For example if your dog weighs 25 pounds, 1 treat a day should be a good starting point; while a dog that weighs 100 pounds should start with a dose of 4 treats (or 8mg) a day. 


How much CBD is in each treat?

Each of our tasty, beef flavored CBD dog treats contains 2 mg of Hemp-derived CBD. 


How many treats come in each jar?

Each jar of our tasty, beef flavored CBD dog treats contains 30 treats containing 2 mg of CBD each. 


What are some reasons I might want to give my dog CBD?

People give their dogs CBD for a variety of reasons including:

  • A recommendation from a veterinarian 
  • Dogs that have to be alone for extended periods of time
  • Before car or plane travel
  • Before fireworks, thunder, or any other loud situations
  • Before you take your dog to the dog park, groomer or vet
  • For dogs who tend to get anxious even without a reason
Are there any side effects of CBD for dogs?

While very rare, sometimes dogs exhibit side effects of CBD that are very similar to those that are reported by humans: 

  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Dizziness

Most of the time these side effects can be mitigated or eliminated by reducing the daily dose given to the dog. 

How do I know if these are legitimate CBD products?

We extensively test each batch of our CBD Dog treats to ensure they have the proper amount of CBD, that they contain no THC or pesticides, and have no mold, bacteria or allergens. 

Why is your company named Shelter?

We believe CBD holds the key to reduce anxiety in animals to such a degree that it increases their chances of being adopted from shelters and increases their ability to socialize and integrate into their forever homes. When you purchase CBD products for your dog from Shelter CBD you can know that in addition to providing relief to your best friend you are also changing the lives of dogs in shelters all over the country.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in Colorado, unlike many companies that import CBD from China and other countries with less stringent requirements.

Can I sell your products in my retail location?

We are very selective in choosing the retailers we work with; but if you feel your location may be a good fit, please contact us

Still have a question?

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