Are CBD Dog Treats Effective?

Are CBD Dog Treats Effective?

At Shelter CBD we get asked this one pretty often, and it’s not always an easy answer. The main reason is that, just like with humans, we are limited by law in what we can say by the FDA. The general consensus is that if you talk about various diseases or ailments that CBD can treat you will receive a letter from the FDA demanding an immediate removal of the offending statement.

That being said, let’s get back to the question at hand; Are CBD dog treats effective? The short answer is yes, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are looking for a natural, plant based medicine with no serious side effects CBD can be very effective for your dog.

CBD Dog Treats Are Effective When Compared To Tinctures

When you have made the decision to give your dog CBD, nothing compares to treats as far as ease of administration. It is much easier to get your dog to eat a beef flavored dog treat than it is to get a tincture into their mouth.

Unlike humans who have the ability to understand that the strong taste of the tincture is in fact the exact beneficial medicine they are trying to get into their body, your dog does not know that and will often reject the tincture by spitting it out or possibly not even letting you open his mouth at all.

Additionally, one of the main benefits of tincture is the fast absorption rate when administered under the tongue and held for 30-60 seconds. It is very hard to get your dog to do this, making dog treats a much more effective solution.

What makes an effective CBD Dog Treat?

While we of course would love to see you purchase Shelter CBD Dog Treats, it is our goal first and foremost to educate the public about the effectiveness of CBD in general and one aspect of that is helping consumers discern high quality CBD products from the flood of low quality, foreign-produced, and fake CBD products on the market. Effective CBD dog treats should contain the following:

  • Organic source material
  • Lab test results for mold, toxins, and potency
  • No THC, which is actually a toxin for dogs
  • Broad spectrum CBD Oil instead of isolate
  • Precisely dosed servings for consistency

What is an effective dose of CBD for Dogs?

Unfortunately like many of the answers to questions about CBD, this one requires a bit of a disclaimer as well. Every dog, like every human, is different with unique needs and a bit of testing is necessary to determine the proper dose for your dog. If for example you are looking to treat your dog’s arthritis and want to attempt to do so with CBD, we recommend trying out the minimum suggested dose of 2mg of CBD per each 25 lbs that your dog weighs. Our treats contain exactly 2mg per treat making the process of finding an effective dose much easier.

Once you have determined the minimum dose, try giving that to your dog for a few days and watch for improvement. We often see improvements in under a week, but every dog is a little different. If, after a week, there are no noticeable effects then try giving your dog an increased amount for the following week. As CBD is a naturally occurring compound there is very little worry about giving a dog too much of it, unlike pharmaceutical medications. Continue to repeat this process until you find the effective amount of CBD to give your dog.

Here at Shelter CBD we wish you and your dog the best on your journey of discovery and hope you find a CBD regimen that is effective! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have, or just drop them in the comments below!