CBD For Dogs

Study after study continues to show that CBD can be a legitimate treatment for a number of different health issues in humans.  

But now, vets, researchers, and dog parents are starting to focus on the benefits of CBD for dogs too!  

We believe that many of the chronic health ailments in our canine friends can be alleviated using high-quality CBD and we’re committed to helping dogs live their best lives.  

That’s why we created Shelter CBD.

Beyond producing safe, effective, scientifically-engineered CBD dog treats, we’re laser-focused on improving the lives of dogs in homes and shelters across the USA.

Buy CBD For Your Dog!

Why Choose Shelter CBD? 

CBD Created For Our Dog…

…and now available for yours! 

Buddha’s struggle with anxiety prompted us to look into the possibilities of using CBD to help him stay mellow. We worked with a leading holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionist to develop a CBD infused dog treat and upon seeing the improvements in our sweet boy, we knew we had to share with the world!

Shelter CBD represents our efforts to bring the benefits we witnessed in our dog  to dogs around the world in the form of one of the first lab-tested, broad spectrum hemp-derived pet products on the market.

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